Among Modrika’s Courses in Finance this course is mainly designed for junior programmers and financial traders who wants to develop or modify source code of Trading Systems in the Finance Market. This course will also teach you how to develop Technical Analysis Indicators. Upon completion of the course you will have an idea of how to develop a product that will receive quotes directly from a broker via an API, perform price analysis, and decide whether or not to place orders to buy or sell.

There is extensive use of C Sharp in Algorithmic Trading system. You need to develop software that automated the generation of trade signals (the signals where then passed on to the systems that did the actual trading).

Course Curriculum

Microsoft .Net
Introduction to Microsoft .NET 00:37:00
Using Visual Studio 00:23:00
Debugging 00:15:00
Intro to Variables – Data Types 00:43:00
Variables – Data Types 00:42:00
.NET Framework 00:38:00
Strings and Dates 00:48:00
Branching 00:28:00
Looping 00:23:00
Introduction 00:46:00
Properties 00:12:00
Methods 00:34:00
Advanced Methods 00:19:00
Inheritance 00:47:00
Interfaces 00:16:00
Organizing Classes 00:26:00
Introduction to Arrays 00:28:00
Manipulating Arrays 00:47:00
Motivating Delegates 00:18:00
Introducing Delegates 00:21:00
Events 00:31:00
Introducing Generics 00:16:00
Generics and Arrays 00:26:00
Generic Interfaces Constraints 00:17:00
Generic Lists 00:12:00
Handling Exceptions 00:29:00
Creating and Throwing Exceptions 00:16:00
Generic List 00:33:00
List Sorting 00:25:00
Other Collections 00:36:00
Language Extensions 00:12:00
Lambda Expressions 00:41:00

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