Options Trading is designed and regularly updated by Mr. Dan Keegan, a 38 year veteran of options trading based out of Chicago, USA. Candidates have option to take this program online as well as physically* in one of top trading hub of the world Chicago, USA . Programs provide world class exposure to international markets.

It is composed of seven separate modules over 100+ hrs of self paced learning and practice.

If a trader feels that they need help in only one area then they can choose the module that fits their needs. The overall course, however, is designed to take in all of the modules in an orderly manner. Each module has a quiz at the end of it. It is suggested that you only advance to the next module after you have scored at least 80% in the quiz that you have taken. If you purchase the entire seven modules together, not only do you receive a significant discount but you will also receive a 209 page text written by Mr. Dan. Every module has a powerpoint and webinar produced by Mr. Dan. It also has many articles and webinars created by the top experts in the field of options trading.

*Seats for physical classes are limited to 15 only across worldwide. This program is conducted once in every 3 month in chicago. Upcoming enrollment has started for 1st week of november 2016. Those who are interested can book their seat in advance via paying tuition fee. Candidates will be provided assistance in arrangement of fooding, boarding, Visa, Air tickets etc.  All such expenses will borne by the candidates on their own exclusive of the tuition fee. 

Course Curriculum

Module 1
Introduction module 1 02:00:00
Market Basics Fidelity 00:10:00
Options Pricing Black Scholes Model 00:00:00
Order (exchange) 00:10:00
Options Pricing Intrinsic Value And Time Value 00:10:00
SEC trading basics 00:05:00
Options Pricing A Review Of Basic Terms 00:08:00
Module 1 video 1(part1) 00:21:00
Module 1 video 1(part 2) 00:43:00
module 1 video 2 00:28:00
Options trading module I quiz 01:10:00
Module 2
Long straddles 01:00:00
How to use options as risk control in volatile conditions 00:05:00
Introduction module 2 02:00:00
Using options to protect positions 1 00:05:00
Using options to protect positions 2 00:05:00
Short Strangle (Sell Strangle) Explained 00:05:00
short strangles 00:20:00
Straddle 00:05:00
Synthetic long call 00:05:00
Synthetic Long Put 00:05:00
Synthetic Long Stock 00:05:00
Synthetic Short Call 00:05:00
synthetic short put 00:05:00
Option Strangle (Long Strangle) Explained 00:05:00
Synthetic Short Stock 00:05:00
module 2 video 1 00:00:00
module 2 video 2 00:38:00
Options trading module II quiz 01:00:00
Module 3
Bullish SPX Trading Strategies 00:05:00
Buying a vertical bull call spread 00:05:00
Capturing upside on energy volatility with a butterfly spread 00:05:00
Debit Spreads and Credit Spreads 00:05:00
Take advantage of expected volatility in gold 00:05:00
Vertical Spreads 01:30:00
VIX Near the Bottom 00:00:00
What can a trader do in an exceptionally low-volatility environment 00:05:00
module 3 video 1 (part 1) 00:36:00
module 3 video 1 (part 2) 00:42:00
module 3 video 1 (part 3) 00:15:00
Module 3 video 2 00:41:00
Options trading module III quiz 00:00:00
Module 4
MORE VERT 01:00:00
Options strategy Selling an at the money straddle 00:05:00
Sell a straddle prior to the announcement 00:05:00
Strategy Skip Strike Butterfly Spread 00:05:00
Using straddles and strangles to trade a “too close to call” election 1 01:00:00
Options strategy Selling an at the money straddle 00:05:00
Using straddles and strangles to trade a “too close to call” election 2 00:00:00
Short Iron Butterfly 00:05:00
6 Ways To Adjust An Iron Condor 00:10:00
Iron Condor Spread 00:10:00
Iron Condor 00:05:00
Long Iron Butterfly Spread 00:10:00
Long Iron Butterfly 00:05:00
Long Skip-Strike Butterfly Spread With Calls 00:10:00
Should You Flock To Iron Condors 00:10:00
Skip Strike (Broken Wing) Butterfly Call 00:10:00
skip strike butterfly 00:10:00
Module 4 video 00:28:00
Final quiz : Complex vertical spreads 01:30:00
Module 5
One hour webinar 00:25:00
Create value in a narrow range market 00:05:00
CVX Time Value Spread Strategy 00:05:00
Facebook Earnings Today 00:05:00
Go long a time value spread at earnings 00:05:00
Time Value Spreads 01:00:00
Time Spreads OIC 00:35:00
module 5 video 1 00:25:00
Module 5 video 2 00:25:00
Options trading module V quiz 00:10:00
Module 6
GREEKS 00:00:00
Option Greeks Initial Lecture Spring 00:10:00
Options Greeks 00:35:00
Module 6 video 1 00:45:00
module 6 video 2 00:50:00
Options trading module VI quiz 01:00:00
Module 7
A perfect point of skew 00:05:00
Establishing an option put ratio back spread 2 00:05:00
Managing and profiting on volatility 1 00:05:00
Buying downside puts to collar exposure 00:05:00
Out of the money call ratio spreads 00:05:00
Trading a quiet forex market likely to breakout 00:05:00
Trading options on inverse and ultra ETFs 00:05:00
Establishing an option put ratio back spread 1 00:05:00
Managing and profiting on volatility 2 00:05:00
Module 7 video 00:30:00
Options trading module VII quiz 00:00:00
Options trading (E-book) 12 months

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