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Online classes will save you 60% or more over traditional classroom learning! E-learning stretches your education budget further with more training for the same time and effort.

Got a full time job? Working weekends? Online classes provide unmatched availability. Courses are accessible 24/7. Easily fit them around family time, work and busy schedules. In addition, take courses anywhere you have internet access: at home, on the train or at your favorite coffee shop. On-demand e-learning lets you choose the time and place that works best for your study needs.

When you don’t have to drive to a campus to take classes, you save valuable time. In addition to reducing overall training time, you also save on gas, tolls and other travel expenses. 

In standard classes, teachers often teach as quickly as the best students can handle, or as slowly as the worst can manage. This often means going so fast that you miss something, or so slowly that you’re bored. With e-learning, you set the pace. Need to go over something again? You can. Want to skip ahead to a related subject? You can. Want to jump to the next lesson? You guessed it, you can! Even better, if you need to interrupt your studies for any reason, you can pause a course and come back to it when you’re ready – in a day, a week, a month or longer!

With online classes, you can refer to the course materials anytime or contact the support desk for a reference or a refresher, 24/7. You don’t need to memorize everything and then to do a brain dump - just like in classroom learning. The relaxed e-learning process reduces stress and leads to better retention. The result? True mastery of the subject matter and real confidence in your new skills and knowledge. 

Self-managed e-learning lets you take full responsibility for your studies. You really do get out what you put in. Online courses also suit different learning styles better than traditional educational formats. In fact, studies show that e-learning is more effective and results in better student performance and confidence than standard face-to-face classroom training.

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