“MODRIKA” the word derived from Sanskrit word “Mudra”, which means currency. The essence of MODRIKA is derived as “Art of Making Money”. A decade before we literally relate finance to the banking Sector. The meaning and complexity of finance has changed and has been evolved dramatically by the time. This is primarily due to technology integration and evolution of financial structures globally.A broad range of brokerage firms, investment services, financial consulting firms, foreign and private banks, global insurance companies, taxation service providers, equity firms and other banking companies now expanding their operations across the globe. For young candidates there are bright lucrative opportunities in the fields of financial advisory services, insurance and banking services, investment management, financial analysis, stock market consultants, broking agents, financial planners and economists. Over a Million Jobs in financial sector available by 2020 in India alone. as per report by Mc. Kinsey done for GIFT. 
MODRIKA is primarily training and technology solutions provider for capital markets, and has been operating internationally for over half a decade. We provide technology driven wealth management solutions. We develop custom software and financial market technical analysis systems for financial technology firms, retail brokers, market makers, exchanges and individual traders. Leveraging nearshore or offshore outsourcing allows our clients to optimize project budget, reduce expenses, and maximize both fiscal and organizational goals.


The sea change in Trading Industry started in terms of online execution started in late 1990s and now technology is being constantly integrated.. With availability of Direct Market Access, Low Latency, Multiple Execution Venues, Markets are seeing innovation in all aspects. The reduction in Average Execution Size and increase in volume of trades by Algorithmic Systems is on the rise. This is in line with the Global trends, where Algorithmic systems execute close to 70% of the volume.Algorithmic trading, in its simplest but not all-inclusive definition, pertains to algorithms for breaking down blocks of trade orders with certain logic to obtain best price and execution while minimizing market impact. This development in the markets is taking place both in terms of technology as well as financial modeling and analytics, since they go in tandem.




There is a huge gap between financial organization’s aspirations and the availability of talent in this key area.Financial engineering is the application of engineering methods to finance. One important area of study is the design, analysis, and construction of financial contracts to meet the needs of enterprises. This field is experiencing an increased demand for professionals. Financial Engineering is a multidisciplinary field that request familiarity with financial theory, the methods of engineering, the tools of mathematics and the practice of programming. These courses offer advanced training in quantitative skills used in modern financial institutions. These include most notably valuation of securities, and measurement and management of portfolio risks. Training is provided in programming, numerical methods and statistics, and you will be given a grounding in pricing and risk management techniques. A key feature of these courses is the emphasis on computational methods and implementation of the pricing and risk management techniques.

One of the highest paid skills and cutting edge career opportunities in finance, is high frequency trading. Trading with its various forms being integrated with science and technology is new revolution in the world of finance.There is a huge demand-supply gap in trading arena.Youngsters can seize this opportunity to make a lucrative and meteoric career in the world of finance.


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