Personal Financial Management

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This course is activity-based with emphasis on your life as the basis for your work. In addition, you will learn how to apply the principles you learn in a family environment. We will learn about cash, credit, wealth, and risk management as well as the environmental effects on personal and family financial management.



Students will earn badges for completing various modules and demonstrating certain skills.

Course Overview:

  • Setting priorities: Here’s help for the first — and often the hardest — step in achieving your financial goals: deciding which goals to pursue.
  • Making a budget : How to bring your spending under control, so that you get the most out of every dollar.
  • Basics of banking and saving : Here’s how to get the best banking services at the best price, either online or off.
  • Basics of investing : An introduction to making money in stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
  • Investing in stocks: The market can be a great place to turn savings into wealth — or to lose your shirt. Here are some fundamentals of investing wisely.
  • Investing in mutual funds: It’s a mutual-fund jungle out there. Here’s how to create a simple portfolio that works.
  • Investing in bonds: Bonds can provide a steady and reasonably secure income, while adding ballast to your portfolio–but only if you really understand what you’re buying.
  • Buying a home: Owning your home is part of the American Dream, but if you are not prepared, buying it can be a nightmare. Here are some fundamentals for buyers and sellers.
  • Controlling debt: You’ve got to know when to hold debt–and when to fold it. This lesson shows you how to accomplish your financial goals by making debt work for you.
  • Employee stock options : More companies are handing out stock options, and to a much broader group of employees. This lesson gives you vital information on how to handle ESO’s.
  • Saving for college : It’s not rocket science, just common sense. By starting early and investing regularly, your children may have a wider choice of colleges, and paying the bill won’t hurt as much.
  • Kids and money : Up until they start earning a living, and sometimes well beyond that, kids are apt to spend money like it grows on trees. This lesson will help you put your children on the road to handling money responsibly.
  • Planning for retirement : Achieving a comfortable retirement in the 21st Century requires a new approach to retirement planning.
  • Asset allocation: The single most important thing an investor can do is practice asset allocation. Here’s how.
  • Hiring financial help : What to keep in mind when when seeking professionals to handle your financial planning, stock trading, insurance coverage and tax returns.
  • Health insurance : Whether your employer provides you with a group medical plan or you need to buy coverage on the individual market, understanding how health insurance works is the best way to get your money’s worth.
  • Buying a car : Buying a car is like no other shopping experience. The choices seem to be endless. This lesson helps you sort through your options.
  • Taxes : Among the long list of necessary evils we must encounter throughout our lives, perhaps the most constant — taxes — is also the least understood. But the whole process isn’t nearly as baffling as you may think.
  • Home insurance : Homeowners’ insurance can be a nightmare. It’s costly, confusing, and unrewarding — until you have to use it. Here, you’ll learn how to purchase peace of mind now and later.
  • Life insurance :- Life insurance is critical to financial planning. It\’s a necessity for anyone with dependents who would be affected financially by your demise. Yet life insurance is one of the hardest financial products to understand and it\’s sold by agents who are sometimes more concerned with their commissions than your needs. This Money Essentials lesson is all about a better way to buy life insurance.
  • Estate planning : Asians along with Americans and Europeans are in the midst of one of greatest inter-generational transfers of wealth in history, yet few of us have done any planning for it. Here\’s how to start.
  • Auto insurance : Auto insurance can be a nightmare. It\’s costly, confusing, and unrewarding — until you need it. Here\’s how to purchase peace of mind now and later.

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