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The financial services sector worldwide has witnessed a fundamental transformation since the country was liberalised. China & India, in the last few years, has emerged as the one of the most rapidly growing economies across the globe. The Indian financial market is growing rapidly, with significant potential for further growth. The financial services integrated with technology market is growing exponentially. India boasts of a Rs 23, 000 crore (US$ 4.44 billion) – financial services distribution and advice market. Which provide over a million job opportunities by 2020.


There is a huge gap between financial services organisations’ growth aspirations and the availability of talent in key growth locations to make this possible. Most organisations are relying on needlessly costly and unsustainable short-term responses. Securing the talent to succeed looks at the smart way to make sure your business has the right people, with the right skills, in the right places to realise your goals. The financial services sector includes broking firms, investment services, national banks, private banks, mutual funds, loans, and equity market. Which required over million manpower over the next decade.

Teach People how to trade professionally using technology :- We are providing a comprehensive business model, which is a unique business opportunity for you. You will definitely feel great by knowing that your business will help people enrich their lives by providing them the skills and tools, to trade successfully in the financial markets.


  • Excellent Financials
    • Low investment
    • High Returns
    • Lowest Risk
  • Global Brand
    • Leaders in Financial Technologies
    • Leading online brand
    • Global Recognition and Internationally approved
  • Dedicated Support
    • Training CBT & examination
    • Lead generation Plan
    • Public Relations plan
    • Advertising & Marketing Support
    • Proprietary Trading Software
    • Trained faculty/Trader
  • Innovative Technology
    • Driven by Top Notch global institutes professionals
    • Awarded by BSE & different stock exchanges
    • Adopted by Hedge funds

Our channel partner offer is specifically designed to offer maximum returns on your investment through flexible partnership schemes. Here is how you will gain from our channel partnership:-

  • High Return on Investment (ROI) – 20 to 25%
  • Massive Market Potential – B2C & B2B
  • Minimum Guaranteed ROI of 16% p.a.
  • Flexible partnership schemes based on investment

To own this business there is no need to be a professional trader. We are always available for you to provide all the training and support. You’ll also enjoy the support of franchise owners who are having a great interest in helping a new owner and assist them to achieve success. You will also get a full support from our corporate office along with a sophisticated operating model. Additionally, our franchisees also enjoy low fixed costs.

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