Easy language Programming

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Easy Language program designed to provide a solid working knowledge of Easy Language, with strong emphasis on practical information you can use right away. Our instructors will guide you step by step through exercises that cover creating strategies, indicators, and ShowMe™ and PaintBar™ studies, including studies designed specifically for use with RadarScreen®.



We offer this class in computer-lab environments, providing you with a computer to use, with TradeStation already installed. This gives you a true hands-on opportunity to learn the essentials of EasyLanguage and how to use them in developing your own custom strategies and analysis techniques.

Join Modrika for a course that will dramatically alter what you thought possible with TradeStation!

The Topics covered in EasyLanguage include:

  • Understanding Easy Language grammar
  • Using inputs for flexibility and optimization
  • Employing variables to make your work easier and more efficient
  • Getting the most out of Easy Language with TradeStation-supplied functions
  • Creating real-time alerts based on your custom market conditions
  • Writing market, limit and stop orders into strategies
  • Incorporating money management exits in your strategies
  • Working with multiple data sets
  • Formatting indicators dynamically based on market conditions
  • Designing indicators specifically for Radar Screen Sending information out to viewing windows


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