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Training centers and colleges interested in launching our courses in their local geographies  can tie-up with us. We are providing a comprehensive business model, which is a unique business opportunity for you. You will definitely feel great by knowing that your business will help people enrich their lives by providing them the skills and tools, to trade successfully in the financial markets across the globe. (To take advantage of this opportunity you don't need to be a professional trader). Kindly fill the enquiry form as a first step we will get back to you in 24 working hrs. 

Just 8 step process for becoming our local channel partner

  • Step 1:- Personal & Territorial Research Form (P&T Form)
    After the telephone conversation, a P&T form will be sent to you to research the area and city to examine different aspects that affect the business of Modrika Training. This form will also help you understand the business potential in your area. Once you have researched your area and filled the form, send it to Modrika Head Office or email it to
  • Step 2:-Telephonic Conversation
    Post receipt, the form will be reviewed by the Training department followed by a telephonic conversation between a Modrika representative and you. This will help us understand your suitability as a Modrika Business Partner. You will be contacted for the Telephonic Conversation within approximately 48 hours of the date of receipt of your Application Form. We may sometimes take more than 48 hour as we receive a lot of Training applications.
  • Step 3:-Meeting with Our Business Manager
    Meeting with Modrika business manager shall help you to get detail knowledge and opportunity that beholds for you by partnering with us. Complete Project report along with the investments and resources required will be discussed. Questions you may have about Training operations would also be addressed during this meeting.
  • Step 4:-Contact Existing Partners
    We at Modrika believe that before taking up a Training you must understand the business you are getting into. We, therefore, encourage all interested parties to contact the existing Modrika partners and get first hand information from them about partnering with Modrika. Such verifications are significant while researching any business opportunity and we believe that it gives one the confidence to take a better decision. You may contact any Modrika representative during this period or in the future for questions that you have.
  • Step 5:-Screening:- Once you feel 110% confident about joining the Modrika team, we will ask you to a sign a Letter of Intent (LOI) stating your intent to take up a Modrika Training. Every Training, before joining the Modrika Training network, goes through a screening process which helps us understand him better. You will be required to pay a refundable Security Deposit before the screening process starts.
  • Step 6:-Final Approval:- You will be notified about the screening process within 3 days regarding the final approval. During this stage you will also be required to submit a business plan for the next 3 years for evaluation. This is to understand your ability as a business partner and also to earmark business areas that need attention. Final approval shall be granted by the Head Office following which you will sign an MOU.
  • Step 7:-Location Selection:- After the final approval, you will be required to search for 2-3 location options for a Modrika learning centre as per the criteria stated by Modrika. Once these location options are submitted, a Modrika representative shall visit the location and approve the same as per norms stated by Modrika.
  • Step 8:-Training Agreement Post the site approval, you will be required to sign the Training agreement within two weeks of the approval date along with the payment of Training fee.

If you are interested in joining the Modrika Training Network please fill in the Application Form and send it to:

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