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According to study, 75% of technical graduates are unemployable by India’s most demanding and high-growth global industries, including information technology. “Still India offers the largest pool of technically skilled graduates in the world.”

Indian IT firms reject 90 percent of college graduates and 75 % of engineers who apply for jobs because they are not good enough to be trained, according to Nasscom.


Why 75% of technical graduates are unemployable?

 Engineering has become one of the most popular degree which is under demand by most of the middle class people of India.

 Most of the engineering colleges are not equipped with proper lab facilities and even not proper faculty, available faculty is not updated with current trend. Or not having industrial experience.  This is one of major reason why technical graduates do not technical knowledge .This is one of the major reasons for unemployment.

A statistics says that in India nearly 200,000 engineers and 132,000 diploma holders were unemployed in 2007. In 2003, there were 82,000 unemployed engineers in India and in 2005 the number rose to 112,000. This will be definitely shocking news for most of the engineering graduates.

Myth and reality

  • Parents and students should free themselves of a few myths that surround them, and make a fair decision concerning the future of their ward.
  • One should be a professional such as a doctor, lawyer or engineer to be successful in life. Other degree programs are not useful.
  • Those who studied higher secondary education in vernacular medium cannot shine in professional courses taught in English.
  • Unemployment is high, so campus placement is everything.
  • An engineering degree in the most popular branch, with 8.0 CGPA and above will definitely fetch a job.

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